Welcome to PPOLL App Tutorial

This tutorial will show you the app's hidden features.

1.     Swipe left


Swipe left to view the poll's details.


2.     Swipe Right


Swipe right to go back to the previous page.


3.     Main Menu


Swipe right while you're on home page to open the main menu.


4.     Crisp and Raw


Tap to switch between Crisp (popular polls) and Raw (latest polls) to view all related polls.


5.     View Image/Gif


Press and hold on image/gif to view it fully.


6.     Filter>My Polls


To open My Polls: Go to main menu >Actions, then tap the filter button> My Polls to view the polls you've created.


7.     Delete Poll


To delete a poll you've created: Go to main menu>Actions>Tap on filter button>and select My polls. Then tap the delete button found on poll.


8.     Sync Profile


Tap to sync all the related info/profile pic from your Facebook/Twitter account to your profile.


9.     Create Poll


To create a poll go to main menu>create poll. Then tap the camera icon to insert any image/gif.


10.                        Split Poll


To split the poll and add another image/gif tap on the plus icon.


11.                        Edit Poll


To edit your poll, either press & hold on the image/gif or tap the edit button, then start scaling and moving the content to your liking.